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 algorithmsThe core linear algebra algorithms of LinBox
 Chinese Remaindering AlgorithmChinese Remaindering (cra) in LinBox
 Diophantine solversNO DOC YET
 EliminationNO DOC YET
 LanczosNO DOC YET
 Lattice reductionsLattice reduction (LLL) in LinBox
 Blas3BLAS level 3 (matrix-matrix) operations
 p-adic lifting for linear system solutions.Interface for solving linear system by p-adic lifting technique over the quotient field of a ring
 Sigma-basisNO DOC YET
 WiedemannNO DOC YET
 blackboxThese matrix classes meet the simple interface needed for blackbox algorithms
 elementThe interface for field and ring element types
 fieldLinBox fields, field wrappers, field construction tools
 matrixMatrices in LinBox
 Dense MatrixThese are dense matrix reprensentations
 Matrix DomainMatrix domain operations
 IteratorsNO DOC YET
 Permutation MatrixThese are permutation matrix reprensentations
 Sliced MatrixThese are files related to a special bitsliced GF(3) representation
 Sparse MatrixThese are sparse matrix reprensentations
 randiterRandom Iterator Generators
 ringLinBox rings, ring wrappers, ring construction tools
 IntegersLinBox integer representation and operations
 PrimesNO DOC
 PolynomialsNO DOC YET
 solutionsThese are problem oriented drivers providing simple interfaces to the linear algebra algorithms
 Characteristic polynomialNO DOC YET
 DeterminantNO DOC YET
 Minimal polynomialNO DOC YET
 NullspaceNO DOC YET
 Recuded formsNO DOC YET
 System solvingNO DOC YET
 Exceptions.Exceptions in LinBox (proposal, example in algorithms/hermite.h)
 utilMiscellaneous utilities
 vectorLinBox vectors
 docThis is a discussion of the form and organization of LinBox documentation
 examplesIlustrations of the LinBox library in use
 testsCorrectness tests for LinBox components
 BenchmarksThis directory is used to perform benchmarks on LinBox