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LinBox fields, field wrappers, field construction tools. More...

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file  field/archetype.h


 some basic information about each field or ring.

Data Structures

class  FieldAbstract
 field base class. More...
class  FieldArchetype
 field specification and archetypical instance. More...
class  FieldEnvelope< Field >
 Derived class used to implement the field archetypeHelps to minimize code bloat. More...
class  FieldDocumentation
 This field base class exists solely to aid documentation organization. More...
struct  ClassifyRing< Field >
 Default ring category. More...
class  Hom< Source, Target, Enabled >
 map element of source ring(field) to target ringAn instance of Hom is a homomorphism from a ring of type Source to a ring (usually field) of type Target. More...
class  ParamFuzzy
 Abstract parameterized field of "fuzzy" doubles. More...
struct  Local2_32
 Fast arithmetic mod 2^32, including gcd. More...
struct  NTL_zz_p
 long ints modulo a positive integer. More...
class  NTL_zz_pE
 zz_pE Define a parameterized class to easily handle Givaro::ZRing<NTL::zz_pE> field More...
class  PIR_ntl_ZZ_p
 extend Wrapper of ZZ_p from NTL. More...


NTL::ZZ_p & Caster (NTL::ZZ_p &x, const Integer &y)
 Initialization of field element from an Integer. More...

Detailed Description

LinBox fields, field wrappers, field construction tools.

LinBox fields implement the concept which is specified in the field archetype.

Some implement a basic ring concept rather than a field (inv and div are partial functions). Ring representations with additional functions are also found in the ring directory.

Function Documentation

◆ Caster()

NTL::ZZ_p& Givaro::Caster ( NTL::ZZ_p &  x,
const Integer &  y 

Initialization of field element from an Integer.

Behaves like C++ allocator construct. This function assumes the output field element x has already been constructed, but that it is not already initialized. This done by converting to a std::string : inefficient but correct.

reference to field element.
xfield element to contain output (reference returned).