Submatrix< Blackbox, Trait > Class Template Reference

leading principal minor of existing matrix without copying. More...

#include <submatrix.h>

Inherits BlackboxInterface.

Detailed Description

template<class Blackbox, class Trait = typename VectorTraits<typename LinBox::Vector<typename Blackbox::Field>::Dense >::VectorCategory>
class LinBox::Submatrix< Blackbox, Trait >

leading principal minor of existing matrix without copying.

leading principal minor of an existing matrix in a black box fashion.

The matrix itself is not stored in memory. Rather, its apply methods use a vector of field elements, which are used to "multiply" the matrix to a vector.

This class has three template parameters. The first is the field in which the arithmetic is to be done. The second is the type of LinBox vector to which to apply the matrix. The third is chosen be default to be the LinBox vector trait of the vector. This class is then specialized for dense and sparse vectors.

FieldLinBox field
VectorLinBox dense or sparse vector of field elements
TraitMarker whether to use dense or sparse LinBox vector implementation. This is chosen by a default parameter and partial template specialization.

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