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matrix/random-matrix.h File Reference

Implementation of random matrices. More...

#include "linbox/matrix/dense-matrix.h"
#include "linbox/randiter/random-prime.h"
#include "linbox/matrix/permutation-matrix.h"
#include "linbox/matrix/matrix-domain.h"
#include "linbox/algorithms/cra-domain.h"
#include "linbox/algorithms/cra-builder-full-multip-fixed.h"
#include "linbox/solutions/rank.h"
#include "linbox/matrix/random-matrix.inl"
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Data Structures

class  BlasMatrixDomain< Field_ >
 Interface for all functionnalities provided for BlasMatrix. More...
struct  RankBuilder
 random method for constructing rank More...
class  RandomDenseMatrix< Randiter, Field >
 Random Dense Matrix builder. More...


 Namespace in which all linbox code resides.


void RandomBlasPermutation (BlasPermutation< size_t > &P)

Detailed Description

Implementation of random matrices.

We provide function to create random matrices (dense, sparse, structured) on several rings. This header was first introduced to avoid code redundancy in tests/ and make it easier to write tests/ examples/.

à la vector/stream.h
this belongs to algorithms...