Project LinBox: Exact computational linear algebra

LinBox is a C++ template library for exact, high-performance linear algebra computation with dense, sparse, and structured matrices over the integers and over finite fields.

LinBox relies on closely aligned libraries fflas-ffpack (exact dense matrix linear algebra kernels), and Givaro (finite fields, integers, and polynomials).

News: LinBox 1.6.3 stable release is available !

Discussion groups:

  • linbox-use for user oriented discussions (assistance, bug reports, comments, suggestions, reports on successful uses,...)
  • linbox-devel for developer oriented discussions (design and development)

We offer related packages:

  1. A gap share package for Simplicial Homology computation and for Smith normal forms,
  2. A package for access to linbox computation from Maple.

These servers are down. If interested in their restoration, contact

We offer(ed) an online server that can perform several elementary matrix computations without the need to download the linbox library. Use our compute cycles gratis.

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