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GAP homology package
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Version 1.1 beta compatible with gmp-3, gcc-3

  • Functionality:
    • Calculate simplicial homology of finite simplicial complexes (with integer coefficients)
    • Apply classical constructors and modifiers from algebraic topology to simplicial complexes
    • Construct and modify order complexes of finite partially ordred sets. Important classes of partially ordred sets from combinatorics and finite group theory are implemented.
    • Calculate the Smith-Normal-form of a sparse integer matrix (this is part of the homology computations but can be applied to any matrix of interest). Four algorithms (deterministic and probabilitic) are implemented.

  • Complete manual:

    DVI (35 Kb),
    Postscript (171 Kb),
    Adobe Acrobat (245 Kb).

  • Remote usage is currently unavailable.

    The package may be tried out by submitting gap/homology commands via this form servers.html and receiving results via the web or email. This facility is in beta test.

  • Binary download:

    As the compilation process requires a lot of new GNU features, some binaries are available: Binaries. These architectures are currently supported:

  • Source download:

    Sources for this GAP package are also available:

  • Requirements:

    This package requires GAP, the GNU C++ and Pascal (G++, GPC) compilers, the GNU Multi-Precision Library (GMP) and GNU make (gmake). The required versions are GAP 4, G++ 2.95, GPC 19990118 (beta), GMP 2.0.2, and any fairly recent version of gmake. They can be obtained e.g. from the following web sites:

    GAP :
    g++ :
    gpc :
    GMP :
    GNU Make :

  • Usage:

    After extracting the binary archive file to GAP home directory, run GAP and execute this gap command:


  • Installation:

    To install this share package (after extracting the package's archive file to the GAP home directory) go to the directory `pkg/homology' (the directory containing this README file) and call

    /bin/sh ./configure

    If the default parameters do not suit you call:

    /bin/sh ./configure --help

    and follow the instructions to change parameters.

    If you want to use GMP only for compiling this package you should first install it, for instance in the default path searched by 'configure': `pkg/homology/src/Gmp/gmp-2.0.2'.

    Afterwards call `make' or preferably 'gmake' (GNU make) to compile the binary.

    gmake all

    If you installed GAP on several architectures, you must execute this configure/make step for the ``homology'' share package on each of the architectures immediately after configuring GAP itself on this architecture.

Jean-Guillaume Dumas
Frank Heckenbach
B. David Saunders
Volkmar Welker

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