Vonal KSZ Vasarely

L(yo)nBox 2012

LinBox high performance kernels meeting

July 16th - 21st, 2012, LIP, ENS-Lyon, Lyon, France

Tentative Schedule:
Location: Salle LES LILAS, 4th floor
Hour Friday Saturday

10:00 Saunders Eberly
11:00 Giorgi Yuhasz
12:00 Lunch, and coffee
14:00 Pauderis Theveny
15:00 Revol Youse
16:00 coffee coffee
16:30 discussion and code sprints

This workshop will be very informal. The subject is high performance kernels for exact linear algebra including the use of code generation for high performance. All those involved in HPAC and/or interested in the subject are welcome to join.


The focus is on areas of linear algebra where high performance parallel kernels can be of benefit. These topics include block blackbox methods and numeric/symbolic hybrid algorithms.

Dave Saunders - Pep talk on block blackbox methods and LinBox 2.
Pascal Giorgi - Block methods based on Sigma bases
Colton Pauderis - High order lifting
Nathalie Revol - Interval arithmetic standardization
Wayne Eberly - Block methods, small fields, early termination
George Yuhasz - Block Coppersmith algorithm and rank
Philipe Theveny - Interval arithmetic matrix multiplication
Bryan Youse - Numeric/symbolic nonsingular rational system solving


Eberly, Giesbrecht, Giorgi, Jeannerod, Johnson, Louvet, Pauderis, Revol, Saunders, Storjohann, Theveny, Vialla, Villard, Youse, Yuhasz, ...

accommodations Park&Suites hotel is located one subway stop (and 1.5 km for walking) from the LIP lab (where we meet), 3 km to city center by subway. The quoted rates are by agreement with ENS-Lyon. Write to saunders@udel.edu with your dates and room category choice. ENS staff will complete the reservation. Park&Suite
Studio 82€ / night
2 room suite 112 € / night
Breakfast 10 € additional
Tax 1,10 € / per night per person
Hotel du Theatre is located in city center with many restaurants nearby, 4 km from the LIP lab (less than 1/2 hour by subway). Hôtel du théâtre
1 person 2 person
Standard (de 12 à 15 m2) street side, shower, WC, TV 59,00 € 64,00 €
Standard (de 12 à 17 m2) Bath, WC, TV 63,00 € 68,00 €
Supérieure (de 19 à 24m2) Bath, WC, TV 68,00 € 74,00 €
continental breakfast per person 6 €
In the category "downtown - luxury" there is Grand Hotel Boscolo, around 120-150 Euros per night Reserve early. If these hotels have filled, let Saunders know, and we will offer other suggestions/assistance.
Please contact us at http://groups.google.com/group/linbox-devel
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