Vonal KSZ Vasarely

DubLinBox 2010

LinBox developer meeting

May 31st - June 4th 2010, Dublin, Ireland

LinBox developer meeting 2010 will be hosted by the Claude Shannon Institute and the Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory, University College Dublin, Ireland.

  • Directions to UCD-CASL-CSI, Beech Hill road, Belfield Office Park, Dublin 4, Ireland.
  • UCD map

Nearby accommodations or visit Dublin Tourism e.g. for city center accomodations.

  • Brice Boyer: sparse matrix-vector product on multi-core and GPU.
  • Jean-Guillaume Dumas: parallelism as a plug-in in LinBox.
  • Thierry Gautier: parallel CRA with Kaapi.
  • Pascal Giorgi: parallel sigma basis with OMP.
  • Monday May, 31st, 16h00. Erich Kaltofen: sum-of-squares certificates for positive polynomials.
  • Thursday June, 3rd, 15h00. Clément Pernet: Adaptive decoding for evaluation/interpolation codes.
  • Clément Pernet: from democracy to dictatorship, git organization for LinBox-2.0.
  • Dave Saunders: matrix and blackbox model with reference counting
  • Dave Saunders: computer algebra patterns.
  • Gilles Villard: symbolic-numeric LinBox.

Please contact us at http://groups.google.com/group/linbox-devel
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