On the road to LinBox v2.0

A major modification of the library will happen with the 2.0 release. The main goals are

  • A better design of internal and external API's
  • Rewrite and clean up
  • Organize a more reliable development model
  • Multi-core support

We had a LinBox developer meeting at U. of Delaware (Dec 6-11, 2009). The progress report is here: Agenda Page

There will be a LinBox developer meeting at U. College Dublin (May 31st-June 4th, 2010), more details there

DubLinBox Agenda

Git mini tutorial for LinBox-2.0

See LinBox-2.0 and for the design discussions.


To checkout a developer copy of linbox:

svn checkout svn://

Misc infos

See the Buildbot how-to for information on how to set up a buildslave with buildbot, if interested.

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